July 22-25 2010

Lofthus i Hardanger



Handcraft markets, exhibitions and stands are important elements during the Cherry Festival.

The later years we have tried to focus more towards local products, in form of food and handcraft.

The exhibitionarea is petite, intimate and easy to get around which gives the exhibiter an advantage as he/she will be able to establish close contact with the visitors. The chance of a good deal is absolutely present.

Thanks to those who make it possible

Elmero Frisør | Hardanger Teknikk | Inst.Johs. Ystanes AS | Tunvoll Trimstove | Ullensvang Frisørsalong | Rutle VVS | Lofthus Auto | Halldor Utne AS | Mikkelparken | B Mikkelsen AS | Lofthus Camping | Lofthuskiosken