July 22-25 2010

Lofthus i Hardanger


Lofthus and Hardanger

Lofthus is located in the very heart of the Hardanger fjords and is the largest fruit village in Norway. The spring flowering of fruit trees in Hardanger is world known. Amongst other local products, can ripe fruit be bought directly of the manufacturer, or at small “farmshops”.


But Lofthus is not all about fruit. There are other successful business potentials like various accommodation outlets and food/beverage serving. You will find cabins with access to mountains and fjords, café with beer and beverage serving, guesthouse, guest docks, Caravan Park, beach, historic church, bed & breakfast and hotel. You are also welcome to visit the museum and other attractions. Lofthus is rich on cultural inputs and is the home of many cultural happenings. Every year the Hardanger Musicfestivity takes place here -this is a festival which attracts some of Europe’s most eminent musicians to meet with the audience both culturally and socially. The Sweet Cherry Festival is the grand highlight of summer in Lofthus- and gives the sweet cherries, the local population and visitors a beautiful experience of a charming festival which is built, with voluntary work, on what the Hardanger- and Lofthusnature has to offer.


Lofthus is also the gate into two great national parks; Hardangervidda and Folgefonna. Here you will find rich and various hiking possibilities. Hardanger Fruit Track is a theme track, translated into 6 languages, which take you on a local historic trip right through the heart of Norwegian fruit production. The Fruit track can be combined with a trip to the monksite or further up to Hardangervidda.

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