July 22-25 2010

Lofthus i Hardanger



Cherries have been grown in Hardanger since the late 1700s. The first cherry trees in Hardanger were planted by Vicar Atche in Ullensvang (1758-1771), but Farmer Lars Larsson Bleie (b.1756) was the first to produce cherries commercially. He learned how to graft the trees in 1775.


The idea of this festival had it’s origin partly in the commune of Ullensvang- and in the agriculture department and the fruitfarmers. The main motivation for arranging such a festivity on a yearly basis in Lofthus, was to encourage people of Ullensvang’s interest in the sweet cherry production. The festival was meant to be arranged by a collaboration of farmers, Ullensvang commune, various organisations and other interested individuals.

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